DubTurbo Trial

DubTurbo Trial

DubTurbo Trial – $4.95 for 3 days

Version 2.0

Ever wondered if DubTurbo is actually as good as stated in the reviews? Or maybe you’ve been browsing the sites offering a fake free DubTurbo trial only to discover there’s no such thing available.

Here’s your chance to take it for a 3 day test drive for only $4.95!!

Grab this opportunity through this link: – DubTurbo Trial -
After you clicked the link, search for the Download Now button. This will take you to the next page where you can select the $4.95 Dub Turbo Trial version.


Probably you’ve already read the specs of DubTurbo before.
Maybe even on this site since I’ve put up a page dedicated to this excellent beat maker here: DubTurbo Discount

Obviously, this is not a free beat maker so you’ll probably be thinking why I put it up on the site. Well, basically because it’s almost free. The discount page offers an extra $10 discount to the already reduced one time fee. I’ve made a selection of low cost beat makers which live up to certain criteria which I think are important for paid software. One of which (besides that it’s supposed to be cheap) is the ability to export the beats in WAV format instead of MP3. When I finished the selection, I ended up with two amazing beat makers. DubTurbo and Cyber Sequencer.

Let’s recap the features of DubTurbo.
Rest assured that these features are also valid for the DubTurbo trial version.

This beat maker creates beats like nothing else, you’ll have 16 tracks to go wild on and each track has it’s separate volume control. You won’t be needing any additional hardware to start making beats other than a decent laptop or computer since the built-in 4-octave keyboard is controlled through the keyboard of your laptop or computer. This sequencer also includes a drum machine, so you’ll literally be set to go within a few minutes.

What you’ll get with the 3 day DubTurbo trial :

  • DubTurbo software
  • 4 Premium preloaded sample packs
  • Royalty free mood and movie sounds
  • Royalty free beats
  • Access to premium members area
  • Access to local download version
  • Access to online version
  • Video tutorial kit

If you end up continuing to use DubTurbo after the trial is over, you’ll be granted free updates in the future.

This beat maker is downright simple to use and because of that it’s one of the most effective beat makers. There’s no steep learning curve to battle and you won’t be fussing and wasting your time with solving problems related to latency, midi or VST’s. The software doesn’t lock you by any means, you can easily import your own sounds and use it with this sequencer.

DubTurbo is not like just any other beat maker out there. Currently, its quality is only matched by the Cyber Sequencer beat making system. The large community revolving around DubTurbo is a testimony to it’s awesomeness. DubTurbo also gives the possibility to sell your beats!

So what are you waiting for? Claim your DubTurbo Trial now!

In case you want to read more, head over to the DubDiscount page and return here for the trial version. Remember that only the links on this page will lead you to the 3 day DubTurbo trial version. The other page will lead you to the full unlimited expiry version. Either way, stop wasting your time and start making beats. That’s why you came here in the first place anyway!

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