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LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) is a powerful free Windows tool which you can use to compose, edit and mix music using your computer.

LMMS includes practically everything you need to create music from scratch (both melodies and background beats), mix samples or prefabricated sounds to producing and exporting the results for everyone else to enjoy. A MIDI keyboard is quite useful in combination with this program but for starters you can use the on screen one. If you like this software and you are up to it, you can always buy yourself a MIDI keyboard. They are not all that expensive anway.

The program offers a cool interface that that immediately sets the impression of an extended piece of software. Don’t let it frighten you! There are loads of menus, tools and other information to pay attention to. Fortunately LMMS is also extensively documented. For example there is a complete wiki page about it but also dozens of tutorials and ready-made tracks to get you off and running.

LMMS also comes with quite an amount of samples and drum loops that you can use on your compositions. The program is MIDI-compatible and its functionality can be easily expanded with plug-ins.

This program can look a bit complicated to you but trust me.. it’s not all that difficult. Put some time in it and your efforts will pay off.
Music creation simply takes some effort.

You can find LMMS at their website.

The next video will help you do your first steps. Check it out.

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